Best Mealtime Actress

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo going to great lengths to give her child 100% nourishment…

From the big screen to television, there's no denying the exemplary acting skills of one of the Best Actresses of our generation, Ms. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo. But of all the roles she has played, the role closest to her heart is that of a mother who prioritizes the 100% nourishment of her children.

Mealtime becomes acting time!

"My acting skills are put to the test every mealtime," Juday shares in between hearty laughter. There are just too many things that distract kids from eating - toys, gadgets and the like. That's why it's very important for Juday that her acting skills convince her son Lucho to finish his meal.

Going to great lengths

From a comedic clown, to an action heroine flying an airplane, to a classic TV drama protagonist, Juday tries all roles necessary just to compete for her kid's attention every mealtime. But based on her own experience, acting does not always solve the problem.

Lactum: Partner of 100% Panatag Mom, Judy Ann

Thus, Juday is completely at peace knowing that she has a co-star in helping give Lucho the 100% nourishment that every child deserves - Lactum 3+. With 3 balanced meals a day, Lucho is 100% nourished with Lactum's essential nutrients found in the food groups of the food pyramid.

Starting with her eldest child Yohan, Juday has always been a loyal Lactum mom. Given this experience, Juday knows that all mommies can be "Best Mom" like her if they have Lactum 3+ and 6+ as their partner.


"From Yohan to Lucho and all my future children, I will always have 100% peace of mind because I have Lactum as my partner."
- Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo