Lactum 3+/6+ Disney Mealtime Bundling*

Eating time for kids can be difficult for moms. Luckily, there's Lactum 3+/6+'s Disney Mealtime Surprise! Eating will feel magical with our new Disney themed baunan freebies. Get your kids excited with a set of these awesome utensils that will surely bring magic to your child's dining experience. Take home the following Disney Mealtime Bundling items FREE with selected Lactum3+/6+:

  1. 350/370g: FREE Sticker Set
  2. 600g: FREE Pouch
  3. 900g: FREE Spoon and Fork
  4. 1.2kg: FREE Tumbler
  5. 1.6kg: FREE Food Keeper

So mom's, make sure every mealtime is 100% magical and 100% nourishing for your kids, by collecting all Disney Mealtime Bundling items! And never forget to complete your child's meal with a glass of Lactum 3+/6+. Lactum helps provide 100% nourishment*. It has the essential nutrients from the food pyramid para ikaw mommy, 100% panatag! Disney Mealtime Bundling is available in supermarkets, groceries and drugstores nationwide starting this month until November 30, 2013. Come on down to your nearest stores and start collecting!

*with three balanced meals a day